What makes your tech company special?

Today, most technologies companies say they build innovative, disruptive , unique technology products.

They say they have the best talent, work with big international clients, have fancy offices, work-from-home, pay high salaries and have many perks.

All of that is important, but none is unique or special.

Every decent technology company does that today.

What should be unique and special is having an incredible team culture…being part of a group that trust and help each other, work with joy and share laughs and jokes and tears and stress and still help and motivate each other to get up and fight with passion another day.

What is not normal is genuinely feeling happiness and pride when another team member does something extraordinary, and defining our own success by our team’s success, instead of competing, gossiping, or seeking personal glory.

What is remarkable is having managers who care first about you, your health, your family and your dreams before revenue or profits…leaders that are coaches instead of bosses, friends instead of co-workers.

Believe me, I have been in this industry for many years, and that’s not normal.

That’s special.

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