Unleashing the Full Potential of LATAM Tech Talent

We grew and expanded operations to the US. We found a bigger problem to solve. So we needed to redefine our purpose:

Unleashing the full potential of LATAM talent to create value with technology.

…in all of North America.

When we started Vixure almost one year ago, there was a boom in technology and every company was hiring like crazy.

There was a serious shortage of #techtalent and companies were fiercely fighting to find, hire and retain the best they could find.

But a few months later, with fears of economic recession and massive layoffs in Big Tech, companies realized that they were wrongly chasing vanity growth metrics.

They should have been looking for flexibility and scalability instead.

After dozens of conversations with tech leaders in Mexico, Canada and the US, they all agree on the same challenges:

Despite economic uncertainty, tech projects and innovation must keep going, but they need flexibility in the way they access top-tier talent.

Now with our improved Talent Network from all over Latin America (not just Mexico) and new and innovative delivery models, we are ready to revolutionize Tech Talent dynamics in US & Canada.

Stay tuned for more.

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