Noe’s Need for Speed: How to get to Canada in a Blink of an Eye

If you wonder how you can get to Canada in less than a month, you should definitely ask Noe, our newest Vixer.

And we can give you a spoiler ❗ It’s just about being so charismatic and super smart.

But let’s start from the beginning:

From the moment we met him, we were struck by his experience in technology and the ability he has to learn and adapt to new things and languages. 🤓

A fun fact about Noe is that he always has this serious face that makes you think he doesn’t speak that much or that he is a bit cold. 

Noe taking a look at his new workplace

But you just need to have the tiniest conversation to realize he is one of the sweetest and most genuine human beings you will ever meet. 

His dedication to his work, combined with his warm personality, has won over everyone he has met.

It’s always great to meet this unique type of people.

And yes, we did hit the blank.

It took our client one interview to fall in love with him 🤩 the technical interview that came after was just mere protocol.

It was clear that Noe was the perfect fit for the role.

There was no time to waste, the company wanted Noe in Canada ASAP.

Now, the moving part is something Noe and his wife, Dani, will always remember. 😅

A couple of weeks before taking the flight to Canada, they had to sell all of their things, including their brand-new truck.

Noe and Dani about to fly to Calgary

No refrigerator, nor mattresses could stop this couple from leaving Mexico.

In the end, the rush was worth it.

✨ We are thrilled to see Noe take on this new challenge, and we are confident that he will excel in his new role. 

This feeling doesn’t get old, we feel so proud and excited to see these pictures and hear about the adventures our Vixers go through. 

Noe, we are so proud of you and your accomplishments. You have made a lasting impression on us all, and we are grateful to have you in Calgary. 

We wish you and Dani all the best on your new adventure, and we look forward to hearing about all the exciting things you will achieve in this country.

Our new Vixers in town!

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