Nearshore in Mexico vs Outsourcing Anywhere

Nearshore software development in Mexico

Attention fellows Tech CEOs/CTOS! Are you tired of the headaches and frustrations that come with outsourcing to faraway time zones?

We’ve been there too 🤯

It’s time to make the switch to #nearshore in Mexico.

Say goodbye to the endless cycle of miscommunications, missed deadlines, and quality issues working with #developers who don’t understand your company’s #purpose and #culture.

By going nearshore, you’ll have a #team that works in the same time zone as you, speak English fluently, and is easily accessible when you need them.

…and it is only at a 5-hour flight away if you want to meet in person while enjoying margaritas 🍸 and delicious Mexican food.

No more late-night calls 😵‍💫 or early-morning meetings just to accommodate the time difference.

Enjoy the flexibility to collaborate with your team in real-time, without sacrificing your work-life balance 🤓.

And let’s not forget about the cost savings 💸.

Access a growing pool of highly-skilled senior #developers and #engineers nearshore, fast and without breaking the bank.

#BuildWithVixure. Start today

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