Navigating Tech’s Ethical Dilemma: AI vs People

The tech industry faces a strong contradiction today: significant job cuts at Big Tech despite recent reports of soaring revenues. This trend raises an urgent ethical question about our values and direction in technology.

I’m a huge believer in financial prudence and pivoting to AI-driven efficiency. But prioritizing profits over people’s livelihoods highlights a troubling growth-at-all-costs mentality.

The rush towards AI and automation threatens to undervalue human contributions and exacerbate societal inequalities. If we value and advocate for ethical tech practices, we must challenge this trend.

The goal should be sustainable growth, balancing profitability with social responsibility.

The tech industry’s move towards AI should not sideline human employees. It should instead augment human capabilities and foster new opportunities.

We, as technology leaders, hold the keys to the future.

Our decisions can shape a more ethical, sustainable, and inclusive world.

We HAVE to commit to a vision where technology serves humanity and prosperity is shared by all, to build a better future.

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