Meet Gaby: The Heart of Vixure’s Culture

Culture Builder Gabriela Seimandi in Calgary Canada for the first time

We talk so much about corporate culture and celebrate your team’s achievements, but we can’t continue without recognizing the ones making Vixure possible.

✨ Now it’s time for you to meet our fantastic Culture Builder, Gaby Seimandi.

She is a driving force behind all of Vixure’s success. A woman with an infinite supply of empathy, people wisdom, and caring leadership.

Since she showed up at Adweb’s (the predecessor of Vixure) door, the way we did things changed. 

She appeared, and we started celebrating special dates for our team members because she knew how to make everyone feel special.

She helped the team shift their perspective on daily tasks, viewing them as small steps towards achieving the big goal rather than meaningless activities.

We have overcome many challenges together… financial struggles, farewells to brilliant team members, and all the hardships of starting a company from scratch in another country to pursue a dream. 

No matter the challenge, she was loyal to the founders, her team and herself, and she believed in what we were building until the hard times were way behind us. 

Gaby on her trip to Alberta
Gaby on her trip to Alberta 🌄

Gaby is the centrepiece of this project named Vixure, and it is amazing to see her grow from a team leader and director of one of our offices to be our right-hand (because we definitely are right-handed).

Thanks to her, our Vixers have opportunities from outstanding companies. 

Thanks to her, companies can sleep well at night knowing you make sure the talent we propose to them is an excellent match in purpose and values. 

Thanks to her, Vixers are not alone in their process of moving to Canada. 

Because she doesn’t leave her phone away for a minute to ensure everything is going well with each one of them. 

Gaby and Bety with Julián, Atzhiri, Gabriel and Paula a couple of days before their flight to Canada

You don’t find people like her twice in this lifetime. 💖

Thank you, Gaby, for all that you do. Your leadership and dedication to the company and team members are invaluable, and we are lucky to have you on our team.

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