Effective Hiring Beyond Traditional Recruitment Methods

Learn how Vixure was able to provide an innovative solution for a Calgary tech startup’s talent acquisition challenges, demonstrating the value of looking beyond traditional recruitment methods to find the right talent in our Network of senior professionals from Mexico.

The Challenge:

A Calgary-based scaling tech company had been experiencing a high turnover rate among its senior developers, which was significantly affecting its productivity and bottom line. Despite using traditional recruiting methods such as job boards, LinkedIn, and headhunting agencies, the startup was struggling to find the right tech talent in Canada to fill their vacant positions. The company’s CEO and its HR/Culture team were extremely frustrated with the lack of progress.

The Solution:

We met the CEO and the HR leaders and explained to them how we help Canadian companies hire senior developers and engineers from our exclusive network of Mexican professionals, fast and affordable. We mention that we could relocate candidates to Canada in just two weeks after the job offer, without needing the painfully LMIA, thanks to the trade/immigration agreements between Canada, US and Mexico (CUSMA).

The CEO was initially reluctant to use external help and expressed concerns about the quality of talent and the potential risks involved in recruiting talent from another country.

However, Vixure’s team was able to satisfy the CEO’s concerns by explaining our rigorous recruitment process, which involves screening and interviewing candidates based on their experience, skills, and especially their purpose/values alignment with their corporate culture.

We also highlighted the benefits of hiring talent from Mexico, including their bilingualism, diverse cultural perspectives, and affordable salary expectations compared to Canadian professionals with similar skillsets.

The Outcome:

The startup decided to partner with us, and we filled the positions with an outstanding developer from Guadalajara, and relocate him and his wife to Calgary within four weeks. The new hire quickly integrated into the company’s culture, significantly contributing to its growth and success.

The CEO was impressed with the quality of talent and the speed at which we were able to deliver results and find the RIGHT person for their team. The startup saved significant costs on recruitment fees and was able to offer a more competitive salary to the candidate.

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