A World of Flexibility: the Benefits of Fractional Talent in Startups

Fractional talent

After 15 years of bootstrapping our first tech startup and now building Vixure, I witnessed first-hand the value of having a full-time dedicated team of ideal team players to walk the entrepreneurial journey with you. 

But hiring a full-time team can be daunting at the beginning (or in challenging economic times) when resources are limited. That’s why I believe in the power of fractional developers.

Fractional talent, specifically hard-to-find, highly skilled people like senior developers, software architects or CTOs, can work for a startup on a part-time or project-by-project basis. 

This means you can bring them on without committing to a full-time salary and save a lot of money, especially when you are just starting…and you probably don’t need them full-time in the first place.

Additionally, top fractional talent often brings a wealth of experience from other companies, which gives you a fresh perspective and new creative ideas to apply to your startup. They also have the flexibility to work on several projects at once, which means they can add a variety of skills and expertise to your team.

New skills for the new world of work

So if you’re a tech startup looking to build a top-notch product without breaking the bank, don’t underestimate the benefits of fractional talent. 

They can be a cost-effective and flexible way to bring on the best talent for your startup’s success.

Transform your marketing, sales and operations, fast and cost-effectively, with fractional digital teams.