Julian: a 24-year-old’s guide to a dream job

Julian New Vixer in Canada

We love nothing more than sharing these stunning stories about our Vixers and hope you are the next!

Today we want to share the story of our youngest Vixer.

A 24-year-old brilliant mind, Julián. 🤓

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A freezing man 🥶

We invited him to join our LinkedIn community, but he went further and applied for a job on our page.

And after that, we just couldn’t let him go.

The first interview with our Culture Builder was a true delight. 🤩 Julián was charming and witty and had a contagious enthusiasm that made us all want to work with him. 

We knew we had to find a place for Julian that matched his uniqueness, talent and big heart.

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Vixure Team having some wings with Julián and Atzhiri in Guadalajara

So, the search began. 🔍👀

It wasn’t the fastest step, but it was the crucial one.

But, spoiler alert 🚨😅 everything went rolling after finding the perfect company. 

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🔮 A sneak peek of what was coming: Julián at his dream job in Calgary

The following weeks almost ran out of time before finishing what was left.

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Our newest Vixers: Gabriel and Julián in Guadalajara

After a rushed but gorgeous wedding 💖 a Christmas party with friends and family 🎅🏻🌲 and some paperwork 📑

Came the farewells before taking the flight that would change it all.

And let me tell you, it was worth the wait. 

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Our newlywed Julián and Atzhiri 💍

Julián and his wife made it to Calgary and are ready to live the dream.

We hope you enjoy every minute of this adventure 🌄 Hikes, meetings, rides, and new work friends are waiting for you.

With so much love and respect from the whole Vixure Team ✨

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