Fractional Digital Teams for Scaling Companies

We build and manage fractional teams to help you digitize sales, marketing and operations in a fast, flexible and cost-effective way

Fast & Flexible


Digital Teams

Hire from our talent network

Itzel - Data Consultant
Itzel Digital Consultant
Guillermo - Mobile Application Developer
Guillermo Mobile Developer
Juan Pablo - DevOps Engineer
Juan Pablo Digital Strategist
Hayde - Data Scientist
Hayde Data Scientist
Luis Angel - Flutter Dev
Luis Angel Web Developer

And +100 Fractional Digital Consultants ready to help you grow

Previously worked at world class companies:


Digital Consulting

Digital strategists and digital consultants fluent in prompt engineering and GenAI


Tech Implementation

Marketing automation specialists and software developers driving your tech forward


Project Management

Top-tier managers working tireless to ensure excellence in every digital project execution.

The right talent for your digital challenges

Vixure fractional digital teams help mid-size companies in North America accelerate revenue growth as their digital co-pilots, without the commitment of full-time hiring or the limitations of marketing agencies.

We are your digital co-pilots to grow faster

Talent augmented with technology and fueled with purpose to help you thrive under digital disruption

Now we have the best of both world

“The fractional digital team Vixure built for us transformed our outdated marketing practices into a competitive advantage”

Christopher Steffl
Christopher Steffl

Co-founder & Partner @ CyberFin 

The care and attention you show me as your client

“Vixure’s team has been able to implement an online marketing strategy to reach clients I never thought I could get in front of”

Bill Butler
Bill Butler

Speaker, Best-selling Author and Founder of Butler Vet Insurance

Culture driven, life changing

“I was certainly skeptical about the culture-driven concept. Now, my life and my wife’s took a full 180º turn thanks to Vixure’s vision of how talent should be recruited”

Gaby Michel
Gaby Michel

Software Developer, hired by a Calgary Fintech scaleup

3x more engagement

4x more innovation

Every customer is special

With our high-touch customer service model and a carefully curated digital talent network, we aim for a personalized, unique experience for each customer.

We Build

From one expert to a multi-skillset team of pre-vetted digital consultants, we build the right talent solution for your digital challenges.

We Manage

From onboarding, to training and 1-on-1 meetings, our managers and provide coaching and technical mentoring to keep team members engaged and innovative.

You Scale

Finally, you can seamlessly adjust your team's structure and capabilities to meet your changing business needs, drive innovation and accelerate growth

Accelerate your digital journey today

Our fractional teams will help you digitize sales, marketing, and operations to drive your business growth